News | June 3rd 2016

CBT Announces Associate and Senior Associate Promotions

CBT is pleased to announce the appointment of 26 new Associates and 18 new Senior Associates! These promotions recognize key individuals who have made noteworthy contributions to the growth and success of the firm and will act as leaders for its future.

The new Associates are: Robin Abraham, Lonnie Ash, Theodora Batchvarova, Johanna Benotti, Bill Carr, Stephanie Comeau, Justin Cyr, Jonathan Danho, Emily Dunne, Chrissie Franson, Elliot Guerrero, Junior Li, Abby McKinley, Will Mudge, Tim Nistler, Mackenzie Pratt, Kenneth Preaster, Devanshi Purohit, Patricia Sakata, James Saunders, Bill Savage, Vinsu Shah, Michael Sharir, Gil Strickler, Shu Lai Talun and Rachel Welensky.

The new Senior Associates are: Mitch Bush, Andy Chipman, Emily Cotter, John Cretecos, Adam Cuomo, Johanna Gehret, Dan Gelormini, Peter Habib, Brian Khoo, Sae Kim, Kara Natario, Maureen O’Brien, Michelle Oishi, Hee Park, Melanie Pellegrini, Catriel Tulian, Mary Beth Vogel and Chris Zbuska.

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