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The Bridgespan Group
Boston, MA
Workplace Interiors

The Bridgespan Group was at a crossroads in their corporate office and had the opportunity to move to a new  28,000 sf, one floor location. They embraced this change and used it to really design and shape their new workplace to their specific culture and the way they work.

Every employee was involved in the decision making process; everyone’s voice was heard when it came to what they were looking for in the design of a new office. CBT helped organized a three day visioning session where different groups were set up to focus on different areas of the office. Bridgespan’s existing office at the time was comprised of cubicles and private offices; the majority of staff went into the visioning session thinking this was what they still wanted.

What was realized over the course of three days was that radical change was preferred and the design for a open office space was created. There are no assigned seats in the new downtown office, rather everyone has a locker to store their personal belongings and then they are able to choose where they want to sit throughout the day. This open concept has enabled the office to exercise full flexibility and the freedom to work wherever they feel would result in the most productivity.

The variety of spaces are broken up into three zones which are Very Quiet, Intermediate, and Active. Those who are looking for a more private setting can move to the “library” which acts as a quiet car where there are no cellphones and very focused work. The intermediate area allows a little more volume and the active area is set up for full collaboration and discussions between staff.  Private meeting/work rooms can be reserved for as well for shorter durations.