Ideas | April 10th 2018

Celebrating a Decade of Asset Strategy and Repositioning

When the Asset Strategy and Repositioning practice was created a decade ago, renovation and adaptive reuse were long-recognized design services. Conservation and historic preservation were established areas of noble architectural practice. However, there was no formal or defined domain of architecture which focused on buildings and property which occupied the sphere of forgotten; underperforming; no longer relevant; and/or undesirable to owners and tenants alike.  In a short period of time before, during, and after the economic recession beleaguered the A/E/C industry dramatically, the need to formalize this area of practice presented itself. 

CBT was selected to provide a series of graduated, targeted improvements to properties which had become proverbial “weak links” in their owners’ portfolios. The properties alone were short of spectacular in their original construction, or had become irrelevant or underused. With the new task of designing entirely new public identities for a class of building which many had previously overlooked, it was time to create an entirely new way of approaching architectural design: CBT’s Asset Strategy and Repositioning practice emerged.

Now, a decade later, the practice has grown exponentially and is a critical function of CBT’s business model and architectural practice. The repositioning team is an agile, creative, and robust team of design professionals who continue to grow their knowledge base, challenge assumptions about existing buildings, and develop proprietary and useful tools for their kit of parts – propelling a one-of-a-kind practice to new heights as the years go on.

The portfolio today is comprised of high-profile urban addresses such as One Post Office Square, Schrafft’s City Center, 175 Federal Street, 53 State Street, 116 Huntington Avenue, 399 Boylston Street, and 313 Congress Street; as well as large-scale property conversions including Minuteman Park, the Center at Corporate Drive, One Rogers Street, and POST @ 200 Smith.