San Francisco, CA

The design refreshes the hotel's identity by highlighting its beautiful architectural qualities with clever contrasts in traditional and contemporary architecture and design. With backlit art-glass wall panels in bright golden yellow tones, the entry and lobby desk are clearly marked and the light creates a shimmering metallic quality on the adjacent walls, which feature Venetian plaster. Accented with modern uplit chandeliers, the expansive spaces are beautifully illuminated and bring out the details of the crown molding, deep ceiling coffers, and columns. Read More

CBT’s design for the Serrano transforms the outdated gilded era hotel design into a sleek, contemporary boutique hotel. With a strong black and white color palette, metal tables, and bold graphics, the crisp design is balanced with light wood wall panels, large mirrors, plush contemporary furniture, milk glass columns that are illuminated from within, and soft lighting from multiple sources to create a jewel like quality that is inviting and warm. The distinctive lobby will be a sought after destination for this ideally located hotel. Read More

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