Suffolk University

When Suffolk University purchased the theater, it had been unoccupied for 20 years and was in a state of severe neglect. For structural and programmatic reasons, only the facade could be saved. CBT designed the meticulous restoration of the façade, de constructing the Modern’s marble and sandstone exterior block by block, numbering and restoring each piece individually before re-assembly. Internally, a new stage and auditorium is fit into a space only 36’ wide at the proscenium line, and is fronted by a two-story lobby space which doubles as a gallery. Additionally, ten stories of suite-style residential space were built above the theater to serve as Suffolk’s newest residence hall. Read More

Looking to the City of Boston, Suffolk University sought to identify mutually beneficial property development opportunities that would help the school reach their goal of housing half of their student population. Suffolk University is located in a dense historic district in downtown Boston making it difficult for the university to offer student housing as the school has continued to grow. CBT was commissioned to renovate the building into a residence hall for 270 students. Read More

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