Practice Areas

The CBT design team has evolved over the last 55 years from a vast range of creative expertise. The firm has become a design think-tank, where the everyday work environment can resemble an innovation lab just as much as a design firm. We embed researchers, graphic artists, city planners, traditional design professionals, and space-use gurus in our practice, and we create together. Our ethos is driven by the passion of people doing what they love, and for us this is to conceive and create places that have been scaled and tailored to the people who will use them every day. Our design philosophy is human-centric, and drives a work process that values exploration and the contribution of multiple voices, since we believe that the best designs are the result of thoughtful collaboration.

At CBT, we practice architecture, interior design, urban planning, repositioning, experiential and graphic design, branding, furniture design, augmented reality, space planning, change management, and offshoots of all of these. The scale of our work is dramatic, ranging from a new company logo, to a reimagined industrial building, to an entire city in the desert.