News | December 9th 2015

Masdar City Phase 2 Master Plan Wins AIA Middle East Design Award

CBT is thrilled to announce that our recently approved Detailed Master Plan for Masdar City Phase 2 has received the American Institute of Architects Middle East’s Design Award in recognition of its leadership in design excellence, urban design and planning. Approved in record time and with the resounding support of the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council, this forward-thinking plan takes a fresh look at urban sustainability to create a welcoming and walkable city in the midst of one of the world’s harshest climates.

Located outside of Abu Dhabi, Masdar City is a low-carbon and pedestrian-focused community designed to encourage innovation, creativity and collaboration. The highly unique Phase 2 Detailed Master Plan provides a robust framework for the creation of a dynamic 995,000 m2 neighborhood that will introduce many of the city’s core elements including a research and development cluster, shops, restaurants, residential areas, community centers, mosques and schools.

By taking a multi-scalar and integrated approach to community design, this highly detailed plan understands and informs the built environment from the perspective of the pedestrian and the “urban inch.” This replicable plan and design push the limits of city building and urban design to set a new international precedent for sustainable urban planning and innovative community design.