Masdar Streetscapes

Masdar City's development vision is based around environmental planning and sustainability, combined with walkability and a pedestrian-oriented experience. The design of Masdar Streetscapes is thus at the core of this vision and central to the advancement of the planning for an optimal experience at the street and sidewalk level. After a detailed analysis of Masdar City's vision and review of the LCDR, four clear design principles have emerged that are guiding the creation of the Masdar Streetscapes: connectivity, identity, eco-friendliness, and programming of an active and vibrant streetscape. The plan pertains to the roads within Phases 1 and 2 of Masdar City.

The streets are planned and designed employing the Complete Streets design philosophy, such that non-motorized modes, pedestrians, cyclists, and transit users get equal access and safely co-exist with vehicular traffic. Additionally, the streets are designed to incorporate the strong and distinct brand identity that defines Masdar City overall. With great emphasis on sustainability, the selection, placement, and density of plantings will have a strong impact on the outdoor comfort and beauty throughout the planned area. 

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