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Many of CBT’s Urban Design commissions culminate in the creation of a vision book, design or planning guidelines, or other print and digital material to convey some aspect(s) of a project's vision. These publications can take on many forms, from highly diagrammatic and instructive to visionary/conceptual and narrative to scholarly and methodical in their expression. Our planners and designers apply many layers of talent and dedication to producing these publications, often in concert with our in-house Media Lab.

These books offer a look into the practice of urban planning and design, whether they examine a city block or an entire precinct, village, or city. We believe that effectively communicating the intent and quality of our planning work is of paramount importance, whether it is to garner community support for a project, inspire new development, or establish best practices for the future of a place before it comes into existence. The creation of these books marks a critical point in the timeline of many of CBT’s projects, and is central to the art and science of authentic, innovative placemaking.

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