Well-B Innovation Center

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts worked with CBT to conceive a dynamic innovation center where the public and select guests come to collaborate and learn from one another, share ideas and create new solutions to improve health, wellness, and health care in our communities.  Well-B redefines the image of the corporate healthcare industry. Located in a double-height gallery space within Boston’s humming Prudential Center, Well B challenges expectations of what this legacy company looks like. Along the retail arcade within the Prudential Center, a dynamic exhibition space creates a vibrant entry experience which engages the public with flexible and durable workspaces on the upper floors for collaborative activities, innovative testing, thought processing, and ideation.

The exhibition space at pedestrian level, open to the public, houses rotating guest exhibitions, curated projects, and research surveys to encourage public interaction and interest. Flexible displays and engaging graphics infuse energy into the space with innovative discoveries and invite the public in to explore. Levels Two and Three are for Co-Creators (invited partners and start-ups with short- to mid-term residency) and Residents (members of the Well B/BCBS community and long-term residents and support). These levels introduce a dynamic co-working experience, designating collaborative spaces, or “Incubation Rooms,” for temporary occupancy by internal and external teams for problem solving and developing new ideas. The modern atmosphere is characterized by raw, urban materials and is highly customized to be easily amenable to change, and durable in the face of plenty of hands-on testing and the development of new ideas of all scales. Finishes and furnishing were inspired by modern bar/hospitality influences to create more relaxed and free-thinking environment. 

The space overall is a carefully curated collection of space types, transitioning from one scale and type to another in a way that is deliberate and organic. Because Well B was created to house a number of different user groups, often there at the same time, the interior design must creatively accommodate varying activities while representing a consistent aesthetic, mission, and energy throughout. See an animated walkthrough of the space here.

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