111 Huntington


Gross Square Feet


Enclosed Pedestrian Arcade




Winter Garden


2006 Global Award for Excellence, Urban Land Institute

This landmark world-class commercial project contains three major components: a 400-foot-long winter garden overlooking a new park, a five-story precast stone base containing office, glass-enclosed retail and transit links, and a richly landscaped courtyard faceted 30-story glass office tower that fronts onto the winter garden.

CBT tied these project elements into a mid-rise residential building, health clubs, a supermarket, additional retail, and the extension of the Center’s existing arcades, resulting in an energetic, 24-hour environment for office workers, residents, and the surrounding Back Bay and South End neighborhoods.

Rhythmic mullions and architectural fins culminate in a distinctive radial crown, giving a renewed sense of identity to the Prudential Center complex. The tower’s chiseled form has 20 corners that allow for a large number of perimeter offices. As urban design, the development forges new pedestrian connections merging with Boston’s surrounding neighborhoods.

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