Bhavani Island Master Plan

The lush green Bhavani and neighboring islands covering an area of 1,800 hectares are located in the Krishna River, a short ferry ride from the Punnami Ghat in Vijayawada and Amravati, the planned new capital of Andhra Pradesh. The islands’ most unique and special feature are their natural vegetation and landscape, and the master plan places great emphasis on the protection of the exisitng flora. Fifty percent of the islands are preserved as natural open spaces with connections in the form of multi-use pathways designed for walking and the use of cycles, which can be rented on the island. The open spaces are strategically interspersed with activities and cultural facilities including a museum showcasing local art and history, performance venues and amphitheatres which will be used to stage music concerts and plays. Along the waterfronts, retail hubs are being planned which will have a mixture of shops, cafes and restaurants. Amidst the natural open spaces, development parcels have been identified to provide vibrant new resorts, restaurants, and recreational facilities. Project done in collaboration with StudioPOD.

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