Novartis decided to entirely revamp the way they worked, both physically and culturally, by transforming their 8 conventional offices into 20 dynamic, open-office work areas. Those were then grouped into three sections, each with its own distinguished class of workstyle: social, work, and quiet. The 2,000-square-foot space became a synergetic work area, fostering the ideas of collaboration and communication. Read More

Masdar is a new city and technology hub developed to create educational and commercial zones for the research and development of sustainable design and energy technologies. Originally envisioned as a carbon neutral city, Masdar’s early development envisioned an elevated pedestrian city with transportation built below the podium. The first phase included construction of the Masdar Institute of Technology. As this took shape, it became evident that a new vision was needed to continue the plan. Read More

The project developed a holistic vision for Kendall Square that reflects community needs and desires that can be shared by all stakeholders. The overarching theme transforms Kendall into a vibrant, 18x7 urban environment from former isolated patterns of development. Read More

The goals for the new Fitchburg State University’s new Antonucci Science Complex were to create updated science facilities that would promote cross-disciplinary education and a centralized place for students to easily access classroom and lab space in a single location. The resulting design fosters collaborative learning among multiple disciplines, changing the nature of previous science studies from an isolated individual endeavor to a more discovery-based, team-learning environment. Read More

When complete, Durham.ID will eventually include one million square feet of office space, as well as retail space and 300 residential units. Envisioned as a downtown research hub, Durham.ID will be built around a vibrant core of life sciences and technology in partnership with researchers from Duke University, complemented by an array of arts organizations.  Read More

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