Mandarin Oriental Condominiums






Square Feet Retail


Condominiums fetched the highest price per/ SF in Boston’s history and increased the Back Bay’s median selling price by 19% in 2008.

The newest member of Boston’s reinvented Prudential Center urban enclave, this prestigious complex combines the Mandarin Hotel, condominiums, rental apartments and retail spaces to define the highest standard of luxury in Boston. CBT designed the condos to a level of comfort that is within a private home, bringing unsurpassed amenities and services expected of Mandarin Oriental.

To further create a sense of luxury for residents, the condo units were organized horizontally to provide an atmosphere of expansiveness and to maximize views and natural daylight. Large expanses of glass windows allow residents to experience views for miles across Boston’s Back Bay, Charles River and the South End. Natural light, which is a commodity in city living, is able to penetrate into all interiors spaces – bathrooms are even flooded with natural light.

The units were designed to play off of the particular strengths of each unit’s location and views to create a truly unique lifestyle. From the ground floor, the buildings create a sequence of natural pedestrian pathways and doorways that enhance public permeability, connecting two urban neighborhoods across the raised Prudential Center deck. The second level retail fronts a new sky lit arcade which connects into the Center’s arcade system.

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