Renaissance Golf Club






Golf Course of the Year
New England Golf Course Owners Association, 2012

The design creates a new club that reflects the Renaissance's identity and embraces golf’s classic traditions. The two-and-a-half-story clubhouse is built into a hillside and is reflective of 19th-century, New England-style architecture with red cedar shingles and broad rooflines. The building’s massing is diminished by nestling it into the hillside and is further softened by its sweeping roof-lines and porticos.

Amenities include a 250-guest capacity ballroom, bar and grille room, private dining room, and billiards on the first floor leading to a covered veranda outside and vistas to the golf course and 18th hole. The lower level includes a fitness area, steam rooms and massage rooms with full-height lockers for both men and women, as well as two golf simulators. The project includes eight club rooms, enabling members to stay overnight and to include those coming from a greater distance and creating a distinctive hospitality-based facility.

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