San Juan Waterfront

San Juan has achieved a profound repositioning of its historic industrial port through an integrated plan. The master plan and design that incorporated the best features and insights of past initiatives, while taking advantage of new and emerging opportunities resolve long-standing issues and achieve the vision.

The master plan for the Isleta de San Juan is composed of a fine-grained block pattern that capitalizes on the creation of a continuous public promenade with open cafés, along the waterfront. North/South links connecting the Canal San Antonio and the Atlantic are created, as well as walkable connections between Viejo San Juan, the Condado, and the Convention Center District through safe and attractive streetscapes and walkways.

The plan creates new public space and plazas, continuing San Juan traditions in a more contemporary form. The land use strategies create a true mixed-use and mixed-income waterfront neighborhood with boutique hotels, housing, commercial, recreation, restaurants, cafés, and cultural event spaces to enliven the area.

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